Mission Statement

To empower our employees and add value to our clients and all other stake holders by ensuring fair practice and excellent services. SKL International understands that its growth opportunity is aligned to its commitment towards employee development.

We constantly strive to reduce our costs in order to maintain a value of money service and develop our employee’s skills and expertise so that they enjoy fulfillment and rewards. This is to ensure that we build a working environment, that allow our staff to excel in their field and learn new skills and recognize their merit.

Our Mission

SKL International is a dynamic and purpose driven organization focused on growth and development of knowledge and skills of employees, especially from disadvantage communities.

Our vision is to be preferred service provider in the field of tyres, pushing boundaries in service delivery and affordability.


1. To maintain a good reputation and the company’s name in the industry which it operates.
2. To provide solutions to individuals, business, and communities.
3. Increasing our brand awareness by retaining and retraining all, new and old employees from time to-time so they can cope with the ever-changing technology and environment.

Core Values

The company’s value –added service to its clients is based on these pillars.

1. Openness and trustworthy.
2. Delivering bottom line value and growth for the company’s shareholders.
3. Maintain solid client relationship.
4. Integrity in all business deals.
5. Environmental health and safety of all employees is the most value held by SKL International.

BEE Credentials

As a Black Board Base Economic Empowered group supports and encourages the South African of Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and not only sees this as a simply initiative to redress the wrongs of the past , but rather a pragmatic growth strategy that aims to realize the economic potential.

SKL International will embark on several integrated human resources initiatives to give back to the community.

SKL International is wholly black owned. All other professionals and employees will be drowned from diverse background and in compliance with BEE credentials in ownership, management, staffing and procurement.

Our expertise lies in the following sectors:

1. Government/Municipal
2. Energy
3. Sporting
4. Domestic, Mining, and Industrial
5. Petroleum
6. Logistics

Quality Assurance

1.1 Project Update The company will give reports and other updates to its clients whenever required and whenever the company feels the client should know of any new developments and progress.

1.2 Supervision and monitoring of performance The company will continuously monitor the performance and durability of products, so it always provides accurate feedback on products and services.

1.3 Filling The company will keep proper records for future reference.

1.4 Excellency and quality of projects The company has a prime duty to perform and a reputation with character to protect, so its imperative that it provides acceptable quality and service in the market, the company wishes to conduct and do its business according to its client’s specifications and exceed its client’s expectations.

1.5 Contracts/Tenders The company aims to get contracts and tenders from and with from experienced companies and Governments Departments.

1.6 Safety Regulations SKL International is obligated regarding health and safety of employees and the public are identified and documented for each area and operations. Safety plans are prepared, and measures implemented to ensure compliance. Regular audits are conducted by the group safety manager who coordinates all the reports and submits regular reports to the board.

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