Polyurethane Wheels & Reach Trucks

Reach Truck Drive Wheel

Each Drive Wheel on a Reach Truck has its own unique specifications and sizes including the bore and studd holes.The Drive Wheels can be done in a High Performance Polyurethane coating as well depending on your surface.

Reach Truck Castor Wheel

Castor Wheels are fitted next to the Drive Wheel on the rear of the Electric Forklift. Most of them use two wheels ,depending on the machine. It also uses a bearing. Bearings are also different on sizes and machines. Different specs for each machine.

Reach Truck/Pallet Stackers Load Wheels

The Load Wheels can also be coated in High Performance material which lasts longer depending on the performance and weight that the machine carries. Always two Load Wheels in the front of the the forks on the machine.

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